How To Make Easy Fried Rice Recipe

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I have always loved the Fried Rice Recipe I could probably eat an entire bowl The great factor regarding this direction is that you just will add no matter what you’d like I have added Shrimp chicken and Roast beef

It is the proper dish base and that they say the key ingredient to induce the authentic Chinese style Whatever it maybe it is fantastic fried rice

How To Make Easy Fried Rice Recipe


How To Make Easy Fried Rice Recipe

First, chop all vegetables and wash and soak rice.

Cut all vegetables in strips or cube shapes, and the same cut into chicken flites. I am using two colors of capsicum red and green color, it looks beautiful color for fried rice.

You marinate the chicken with some spices, take about an hour.

How To Make Easy Fried Rice Recipe

In a large pan add little oil add marinate chicken fry for 5 to 6 min, chicken color change, and tender adds all vegetable mix well fry just 6 min, not overcook.

Lightly fry vegetables add all rice in it and mix very well. Add some sauce and pepper for seasoning mix well.


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How To Make Easy Fried Rice Recipe
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