Healthy Sandwich Recipes Indian

  • Yield: 12
  • Servings: 2
  • Prep Time: 10m
  • Cook Time: 10m
  • Ready In: 20m

Everyone likes Healthy Sandwich Recipes Indian today I am making an easy perfect chicken club sandwich with egg

I am adding fried eggs because it makes a more delicious try at home for kids as well, and the best idea for the school lunch box and also my husband lunch box perfect

Healthy Sandwich Recipes Indian

The Tomatoes are a little work but well worth it. I love the layers of flavor in this sandwich.

These sandwiches area unit thus filling and might be created in minutes.

Healthy Sandwich Recipes Indian

I am making a very easy simple way to make chicken club sandwich at home, not using too many ingredients to make curry flavor it is not carried it is sandwich.

Using Few ingredients, black pepper, salt, if you want to spicy add 1/2 tsp chili flakes ( optional ) using some fresh salad leaf, cucumber slice, tomatoes slice, slice cheese, mayo dip.

Chicken Club Sandwich Recipe

Another club sandwich recipe is chicken melt recipe, in this recipe add it’s extra cheesy and gooey.

Some people add world-famous balsamic onions,  everyone that eats them absolutely loves them.

Simple in a bowl add balsamic vinegar add olive oil, little sugar,  whisk add sliced of onions mix, In a pan add little oil then add sliced onion lightly burn then take it out in a plate.

Smokey flavor onion is ready using in chicken melt sandwich soo tasty.

latter on I post one by one more delicious sandwich recipes, flavor full, ideal for summer beach snack, party snacks, serve with homemade french fries recipe.

Healthy Sandwich Recipes Indian

There are more Ultimate of sandwiches, the chicken club sandwich is one of them.




Quick and easy Chicken Club Sandwich recipe.

200 G Chicken Breast Cut into Pieces

4 Eggs

12 Sliced Bread

8 American cheese slices

1/2 tsp Black Pepper

4 Sliced Tomatoes

2 cucumber Sliced

Butter Using for Toast

Mayonnaise And Ketchup

Salt to taste

First crack the egg then put the egg in a ball, pour the egg in the pan after it’s finished frying the egg, then put the egg on the side of a plate.2)

In a pot add chicken pieces, salt, Black pepper, add 1/2 cup water cook until chicken tender, then make a very small piece and keep it on another plate.3) add butter to Pan and put bread slices, and fry both sides. 

Then put the Slices on the side of a plate.3) Take one slice of bread spread mayo, on the top chicken pieces, Tomato slice and cucumber sliced, put another slice add a fried egg slice, 

On the top American cheese slices, on top of another slice. Cut into a triangle shape. Serve with ketchup.  

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Healthy Sandwich Recipes Indian
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