Emile Henry Bread Cloche

£120.00 £80.00

The result of 2 years of research, our Bread Cloche will quickly become your best friend. The rounded shape of the cloche is identical to a traditional domed bread oven, to ensure that your bread has the required level of humidity during the cooking process.


Our innovative refractory ceramic will enable you to get a nice, thick crust with a firm, light inside. Rediscover the pleasures of making home-baked bread, with original and simple recipes Les Secrets d’Emile gives you advice and tips for making your own bread like you’ve never done before. Les Secrets d’Emile offers a range of several sets for all those who love cooking. The Emile Henry sets reveal the secrets of a recipe and its variants in an illustrated recipe booklet who’s aim is not only to describe the recipe : at each step of the recipe, the chef shares an interesting fact with us, and give us his tips to make it a success.

Cloche measures 28 cm diameter by 16 cm height.



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