How to diet for Pregnant women

Good nutrition is vital for both normal pregnancies and those considered

high risk, such as in a woman who is carrying twins or has gestational diabetes.

Diet for pregnant

Pregnant women require more calories and nutrients than other women to provide for their growing baby.To achieve this, a pregnant woman should consume an extra 200 calories per day

Taking a supplement of folic acid one two three months before conception and for the first three months of pregnancy will reduce the risks of neural tube defect by 20 percent.Folate also works with vitamin B12 to form healthy red blood cells for both the growing baby and mother and calcium for the baby ‘s skeleton.


diet for pregnant women red blood cells pregnant women diet for pregnant rich foods

Adequate calcium intake during pregnancy is very important to prevent osteoporosis later in life. Eat or drink at least three servings of calcium-rich foods every day.

Diet for pregnant women


Increased folate is required in early pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects.

Folate is found in fresh green vegetable, pulses, liver, orange,


Increased intake of high fiber foods, as vegetables and whole grains, is recommended for the prevention of constipation.


 Drink at least 2 liters of water each day to provide fluids for blood products and to aid digestion.
red blood cells

Necessary for the production of red blood cells in both you and your unborn baby. iron rich foods include red meat, pulses, spinach, vitamin C helps your body absorb iron from plant sources.How To Eat Red meat and Health

rich food

Pregnant women should eat a balanced diet. Eat Healthy for You and Your Baby … Pregnant women need about 300 extra calories a day. … As a result, your growing baby will get the vitamins and minerals it needs from your…

 serving of a dark orange vegetable, two servings of dark green leafy vegetables, and one serving of citrus fruit)Six servings of enriched, whole-grain bread and cereals. Three servings of nonfat or low-fat milk or milk products.
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